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Interim Report Januari-March 2019

Strong cash flow enables development.


Financial reporting

Catena shares

Catena’s shares were listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.


Catena enables more sustainable logistics solutions.

The fast track to smarter logistics
Through partnerships, we at Catena are sustainably developing efficient logistics facilities adapted for both current and future cargo flows with the capacity to serve Scandinavia’s metropolitan regions.

The cargo flows to and from Scandinavia utilize shipping, aviation, rail and road - separately or combined. At strategically located logistic positions carefully defined by Catena, the metropolitan regions in Scandinavia can easily be reached.

We primarily manages logistics properties 

 This is a collective term for buildings whose purpose is the collection, storage and distribution of goods. The goods, volumes, timing and, above all, the task impose different requirement on logistics premises. Consequently, Catena provides different types of premises.