Financial reporting

Catena shares

The company, in order to give a true and fair view of the company, an immediate, transparent and continuous contact with the stock market.

Annual Report

We have reason to be satisfied with the company’s development during our second year of operation as a logistics property company.

Interim Report

A well-integrated Catena generates growth
Catena’s growth and development through the acquisition of Tribona can now be seen both in profits
as well as in improved key performance indicators. 


The fast track to smarter logistics

Through partnerships, we at Catena are sustainably developing efficient logistics facilities serving Scandinavia’s metropolitan regions.  

Catena primarily manages logistics properties.

 This is a collective term for buildings whose purpose is the collection, storage and distribution of goods. The goods, volumes, timing and, above all, the task impose different requirement on logistics premises. Consequently, Catena provides different types of premises.