With great roofs comes great opportunities

Solar Cell 4045029 1920

Catena works actively to install photovoltaic cells on the roofs of our properties. In total, Catena's photovoltaic systems have an estimated annual production of approximately 4,253 MWh. The electricity is sufficient for 212.5 villas where electricity is used for heating or 850.5 villas where district heating or a heat source other than electricity is used.

The goal is to contribute to a better environment in an economically and environmentally sustainable way through energy-efficient solutions. We keep up-to-date on the latest technology and suppliers in the industry. Catena's ambition is that all new buildings should have photovoltaic cells adapted to the conditions of the property and the tenant.


Installed photovoltaic cells:
Catena has 13 photovoltaic cell facilities installed on the roofs. 
Current estimated annual output of 4,253,160 kWh.

- Backa 23:2
- Bleket 2
Dikartorp 3:12
- Solsten 1:102 (1)
- Solsten 1:102 (2)

- Mappen 4
- Norra Varalöv 31:11 (1)
- Norra Varalöv 31:11 (2)
- Plantehuset 3
Snesholm 1:16

- Sunnanå 12:52 (1)
- Sunnanå 12:52 (2)
- Tahe 1:64

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