Memberships and certifications

In addition to our own routines and policies, Catena also works on various certification programs and is a member of various organizations. We do this to ensure quality - our customers and stakeholders should feel completely secure with what we deliver.


EPRA (European Pubilc Real Estate Association) promotes, develops and represents the European real estate sector. The organization supports the transition to a sustainable environment with the help of set recommendations, so-called sustainability best practice recommendations (sBPR). sBPR consists of indicators in energy, greenhouse gas emissions, water, waste and social and management indicators that EPRAS members can use to develop their sustainability work.

As an EPRA member, Catena looks at the recommendations and uses the indicators to show the development of their sustainability work in the form of comparable figures. Catena report these figures in its annual sustainability report.

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Global Compact

The UN Global Compact is a voluntary, international initiative to mobilize the power that exists in companies. As a member of the Global Compact, Catena has committed itself to act on ten universal principles of human rights, the environment, labor law and anti-corruption. We have a strong social commitment and through Global Compact we take our responsibility together with companies and organizations around the world.

The work we do to live up to the initiative is reported directly to the Global Compact and in our Sustainability Report.

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Reporting and certification Catena. Global Compact


ISO 14001 is an international standard for environmental management. Using this environmental management system, organizations can design policies, goals, routines and instructions to minimize their negative environmental impact. This leads to continuous improvement work on the company's environmental processor.

Catena is certified according to ISO 14001 since 2009, which sets the framework for Catena's environmental work. Catena monitors, updates and controls that the business works according to the requirements of the environmental management system through continuous internal audits and an annual review with the management. Compliance with the standard is also checked by an external auditor once a year.

Certificate, Catena


The Swedish Green Building Council is an interest organization that develops and impacts the buildings in a sustainable way. Members of the organization are companies and organizations that want to create better buildings and places.

Through certification of buildnings and as a member of the Swedish Green Building Council, Catena contributes to knowledge acquisition and development of methods for more sustainable logistics buildings. At the same time, Catena is increasing its internal knowledge of the subject by means of networks and training courses organized by SGBC.

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