Energy projects

Energy consumption
Enhancing energy efficiency is a priority area for Catena.In existing properties, there has been considerable focus on optimising and refining systems. The energy-tracking system, which has been implemented gradually since 2015, provides great opportunities for identifying problems, as well as savings potential. Heating and electricity are the single largest operating cost item for properties, meaning that optimised use of energy leads to both improved environmental performance and positive financial effects for both Catena and its tenants. 

Catena’s objective is to monitor the energy consumption in all properties, regardless of whether the landlord or tenant is responsible for the subscriptions. Catena sees added value in helping tenants with follow-up and suggests measures for optimising consumption even when the tenants themselves are responsible for the subscriptions. Sometimes it is difficult to get tenants on board with energy-saving projects, as the payback time for larger investments often extends beyond their rental agreement. Another challenge is to ensure that those working in the properties are aware of how use affects energy performance. An example of this is ports that in some cases are open even though they are not being used.

Examples, energy saving projects

E-city, Ängelholm
In the three most recent new construction projects, Catena has chosen low-temperature underfloor heating systems that consume 10 kWh per m2, which was 78 percent lower than The National Board of Housing, Buildning and Planning's current requirements.


Fröträdet 1, Växjö
In the property, district heating has decreased by approximately 30 percent after updating and adjusting control and regulationsystem. Electricity consumption also decreased (by about 10 percent) after installation of frequency converters on the ventilation fans.

Dikartorp, Jakobsberg
During the first month with the plant's new energy meter running (December), we can note that heat consumption (adjusted to a normal year’s consumption) decreased by a total of 78 percent compared with the previous year.

- Smarter energy solutions are profitable for both Catena and our tenants, but above all it is a benefit for the environment, says Rickard Wahlberg, Energy and Technology Developer at Catena.