Major logistics positions

Scandinavia and Sweden is an attractive location for logistics operations. Major cities in the nordics and parts of Germany, Poland and the baltics can be served in less than twentyfour hours. Catena owns and manages more than 100 efficient logistics properties – from the Swedish city Luleå in the north to the danish city Odense in the south.

In our network of properties there are some intersections of particular importance for Scandinavia's goods flows, both in terms of location and function.


E-city Engelholm

A complete cluster for e-commerce that responds to all the needs for digitally driven trade. Read more about E-city Engelholm

Flygfoto 2015 04 29 3

Logistics position Katrineholm

A unique location in Sweden with access to two main railways. Goods from all over Europe can be passed on to Stockholm and up north from here.

Flygskiss Sunnana

Logistics position Sunnanå

The best logistics location outside Malmö with direct exit from road 11 and another 300 meters to the exit from european highway E6 / E20. Read more about logistics position Sunnanå.

Nowaste Presentation 2018 08 23

Logistics position Tostarp

A logistics cluster at the best location next to european highway E6 at Helsingborg. Read more about logistics position Tostarp.

Stockholm Syd Close

Stockholm Syd

A new logistic hub is emerging between Södertälje and Nykvarn, only 30 minutes from Stockholm. Read more about Stockholm Syd.

Orebrosyd Mini

Örebro Syd

The area is located close to the railway and the highway E20 as well as the airport - the location is excellent for logistics. Read more about Örebro Syd.

Other locations

Catena’s properties are strategically located and placed to supply the Scandinavian metropolitan areas. Read more about some other important logistics locations and the customers we work with there:

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