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At the Tostarp industrial area outside Helsingborg, a logistics cluster is emerging in a highly visible location adjacent to the E6 motorway. Catena’s efficient organisation allows customised solutions meeting the customer’s expansion requirements to be realised in a short space of time. Our express environmental ambition entails the buildings of the logistics cluster being environmentally adapted and certified. Among other things, this means an estimated energy consumption for heating of at most 10 kWh per square meter (the requirement set by the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning for construction was 45 kWh). At this position, Catena has tenants such as PostNord, Nowaste Logistics and Freja Transport & Logistics.

PostNord has moved in

Tostarp Hemsidan

During 2020 a 18,300 square-metre terminal was built, intended for the handling of parcels, packages and letters. PostNord is Catena's tenant.

Press release, 26 February 2019

Buildings with eye-catching façade design

Hoglager Fix Pagang


Third party logistics operator Nowaste Logistics is a major tenant at the site. Its characteristic warehouse with its striking façade design, which is illuminated at night, can be seen clearly from the motorway just as their 20 metre-tall high-bay warehouse.

We exceed expectations" - case about the construction of the high-bay warehouse


Tostarp 2019 09 05 Ej Logo

Under way in Logistics position Tostarp

Extension for Nowaste

Runor Pagang

The first facility built in the area for ​​Nowaste is being expanded by 1500 square-metre to provide additional capacity for warehousing and logistics as well as for outlet and photo studio.

Press release, 02 October 2019


Area: Logistics Position Tostarp
Municipality: Municipality of Helsingborg
Communications: Helsingborg east, E6 and E4 motorway, harbour
Status: Ongoing development

Would you be interested in establishing operations here?

Welcome to contact us to talk about opportunities in this area.

Göran Jönsson
Regional Manager Helsingborg  
+46 42 449 22 66  
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