E-city Engelholm


E-City Engelholm


Municipality of Ängelholm

E6 and E4 motorways


Logistics purposes


Whether your company seeks to share an operating solution and premises, or you would prefer premises of your own with highly automated operations, E-City provides a platform for growth. Our vision is to build a complete e-commerce cluster meeting all of the needs of players in online businesses. The ambition is to be able to offer complementary peripheral services, such as a photographic studio, laundry and skills development in a single location. This holistic approach makes E-City Engelholm quite unique and provides significant coordination benefits for those operating here.

With players representing the trading of the future, we naturally apply energy-efficient thinking throughout the project – and we should, of course, also be at the forefront when it comes to sustainable solutions.

Press release on further development of E-City Engelholm, 25 October 2018



Already located here is Boozt Fashion, which conducts sales of clothing via its e-commerce platform and serves a large market, mainly concentrated in the Nordic countries. Read more about the operations Boozt has established at E-City Engelholm.

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Göran Jönsson
Regional Manager Öresund  
+46 42 449 22 66