Bjuv | Logistics and food cluster

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In cooperation with Foodhills AB and Backahill AB, Catena has started a jointly owned company, Foodhills Fastighet AB. Catena has a 45 percent holding, Backahill 45 percent and Foodhills AB the remaining 10 percent in the property company.

In 2018, Foodhills Fastighet acquired the Bjuv 23:1 property, part of the Selleberga 17:1 property and the Lunnahus 4:2 property in the Municipality of Bjuv. The seller was Findus, which used the site for many years and had both its headquarters and production there. The Bjuv 23:1 property comprises several different buildings built between 1940 and 1998 with a lettable area of ​​more than 100,000 square metres.

Premises for food production of the future

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Foodhill’s vision for its operations in the area is to become a European leader in circular food production systems that contribute to sustainable global development. The company is partnering with others with the objective of building a global reference, test and pilot facility where innovation and knowledge are the guiding principles.

Area: Food cluster in Bjuv
Municipality: Municipality of Bjuv
Communications: A few kilometres from the E4 and E6 motorways
Status: Ongoing development

Would you be interested in establishing operations here?

Welcome to contact Foodhills Fastighets AB to talk about opportunities in this area.

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