Åstorp | New logistics facility for Seafrigo



On a25,000 square-metre plot, Catena is building a new 10,800 square-metre distribution center including parts for both refrigerated and frozen goods, as well as a smaller area with offices. Catena has signed a rental agreement for the property with Seafrigo Nordic.

The new property will have a storage capacity of 25,000 pallets, a large food freezing facility and backup power guaranteeing cooling and operation even in the event of an extended power failure. The plant is certified in accordance with Miljöbyggnad Silver and a photovoltaic cell facility will be installed on the roof. 


Area: Åstorp
Municipality: Municipality of Åstorp
Communications: Close access to E4 motorway
Status: Ongoing development

Would you be interested in establishing operations here?

Welcome to contact us to talk about opportunities in this area.

Göran Jönsson
Regional Manager Helsingborg  
+46 42 449 22 66  
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