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Catena signs agreement to acquire logistics site south of Stockholm

Catena has today signed an agreement with Smedberg Logistik- & Industrimark AB to acquire 450,000 square metres of land at the new logistic position Stockholm Syd in the Municipality of Nykvarn.

14 September 2018, 3:00 p.m

The area, which is part of the Ånsta 1:1 property, is located alongside the E20 motorway and close to the E4 motorway just 45 kilometres south of central Stockholm. The area forms part of the emerging Stockholm Syd (Stockholm South) logistics centre between Södertälje and Nykvarn, which, in addition to its motorway-adjacent location, also offers proximity to ports, industrial rail sidings and an airport. Planning for the acquired property is ongoing and the detailed development plans for warehouses, logistics buildings and industrial buildings at the site are expected to come into force in 2019. 

“The major commodity flows to Stockholm arrive from the south. With the acquired land, we will generate opportunities for future warehouse and terminal buildings at a logistic position, where we are seeing increasing demand and perceive substantial potential,” comments Catena’s Regional Manager for Stockholm, Maths Carreman.

”The whole area is at an exciting phase, and it is reassuring that an experienced player like Catena is involved, driving development forward,” says Jan-Olof Smedberg at Smedberg Logistik- & Industrimark AB.

The acquisition will be conducted as a corporate transaction at a predetermined property value of SEK 315 million. The transaction also includes a number of commitments, including surface water treatment, roads, etc., which are paid for by the seller. The agreement is conditional on the detailed development plan being approved and coming into force by 2020, which is also when Catena will gain access. 

For further information, please contact

Benny Thögersen, CEO
Tel. +46 (0)706-60 83 50                

Maths Carreman, Regional Manager, Stockholm
Tel. +46 (0)730-70 22 12

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