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Catena in final negotiations with Coop for a new automated warehouse

Catena AB and Coop Logistik AB have agreed on continuing a dialogue where the intention is for Catena to acquire a property and construct a 105,000 sqm automated warehouse in the municipality of Eskilstuna.

10 January 2020, 8:30 a.m. CET

For Catena the declaration of intent encompasses acquiring part of the property at Aspestahult 1:1 in Eskilstuna Logistik Park, new construction, and automation of the new facilities. The total investment for Catena is estimated to be SEK 3.7 – 3.9 billion. According to the current time plan, the facility should be operational in 2023.

“We look forward to the continued dialogue with Coop and we see a great potential for contributing to the development of one of the largest actors in the Swedish retail food sector”, says Benny Thögersen, CEO of Catena.

Negotiations are continuing on the final terms and conditions of the project. Further information from the parties will be announced in conjunction with a binding agreement.


For further information, please contact

Benny Thögersen, CEO                                                   
Tel. +46 730-660 83 50

Maths Carreman, Regional Manager Stockholm  
Tel. +46 730-70 22 12

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