Press releases 2019

Catena released from option agreement

Kilenkrysset has released Catena from an option agreement regarding rights to acquire logistics land in Staffanstorp. 

4 September 2019, 1:30 p.m. CET    

In an agreement between Catena and Kilenkrysset, Kilenkrysset has provided an option conveying rights for Catena to acquire an area of land in the Municipality of Staffanstorp.  

Kilenkrysset now intends to sell the land to another player, which is why it has chosen to redeem the option agreement. The compensation for this redemption amounts to SEK 59 million, which will be reported in its entirety as a realised change in value in the financial accounts for the third quarter. 

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Jörgen Eriksson, Regional Manager Malmö           
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