Loan-to-value, percent
Interest-bearing liabilitities attributable to the
properties as a percentage of the carrying amounts
of the properties at the end of the year.

Net operating surplus, SEK M
Infom fron property less operating and maintenance
costs, property tax, ground rents and property
administration costs.

Economic letting ratio, percent
Contractual rents under valid leases at year end
as a percentage of rental value.

Profit from property management, SEK M
Pre-tax profit with reversal of changes in value.

Profit from property management per share, SEK 
Profit from property management in relation to the
number of shares outstanding at year-end.

Rental value, SEK M
Contractual rents on an annual basis plus a supplement
for assessed market rents for vacant space.

Lettable area
Total area available for letting.

Surplus ratio, percent
Net operating surplus as an percentage of rental

Logistic property
Property built with a terminal and / or a logistics
warehouse designed for goods management and
distribution for logistics companies customers.

A terminal is a logistics facility that is primarily
designed for the transshipment of cargo and goods.

Logistics warehouse
Where goods awaiting sale are placed.

Distribution centre
A distribution centre is designed to store goods
in a central location, defined by the nature of the product,
for a short period of time before transport to retailers in
the distribution centre's service region.

City logistics
A distributions centre optimized for for fast and short
transports, often fast moving consumer goods such
as perishables.

E-commerce is when a company or consumer sells
or buys a product usually over the internet.


Market capitalisation
The number of shares outstanding multiplied by the
latest price paid on the specified day.

Dividend yield
Dividend in relation to the share price at year end.

Equity per share, SEK
Equity attributable to Parent Company shareholders in 
relation to the number of shares outstanding at year 

P/E ratio
Share price at year end in relation to earnings per 
share for the year.

Earnings per share, SEK
Profit for the year attributable to the Parent Company's
shareholders in relation to the average number of shares

Total return
The change in share price change over the year plus
dividends paid in relation to the share price at the
beginning of the year.

Dividend per share, SEK
Dividend for the financial year in relation to the number
of shares outstanding on the record date.


Return on equity, percent
Net profit for the year as a percentage of average equity.

Return on total assets, percent
Pre-tax profit plus financial expences as a percentage of
average total assets.

Average interest rate, percent
Average interest on the loan portfolio with derivatives
being taken into account.

Capital tied-up
The average remaining period of fixed interest in the
loan portfolio

Fixed interest
Average remaining period of fixed interest on the loan
portfolio with derivatives being taken into account.

Interest-coverage ratio, multiple
Pre-tax profit before reversal of financial expenses
and unrealised changes in value in relation to financial

Debt/equity ratio, multiple
Interest-bearing liabilities divided by equity at year end.

Equity ratio, percent
Equity including non-controlling interests as a percentage
of total assets.