Catena invests SEK 82 million in the Municipality of Härryda and leases to Cramo

Catena has today signed a ten-year lease agreement with Cramo AB for 3,400 square meters. The property is expected to become operational during the spring of 2018. The annual rent amounts to approximately SEK 6 million.

19 September 2017, 2:30 p.m. 

During the year, Catena has acquired approximately 44,000 square meters of land in the Björröd industrial area, near Landvetter Airport, from the Municipality of Härryda. A 3,400 square-meter logistics building will now be built on the site. About 34,000 square meters of land will be paved to provide parking for Cramo’s operations.

The facility will include storage space for machinery and equipment to be rented, space for movable premises for construction operations, as well as workshops and offices.

Catena continues to perceive strong demand for logistics properties meeting new trends and will continue to expand through new production of modern logistics facilities in suitable locations.

“The investment increases our presence in the expansive area around Landvetter and enhances our partnership with Cramo, a good tenant who is expanding. Cramo leases more than one logistics space from us. They also have a partner who is actively participating in opportunities to develop the entire business,” says Johan Franzén, Regional Manager in Gothenburg.

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