Senior management

Benny Thögersen, CEO
Born 1966.
Former CEO at Knapp AB and assignments at Consafe, ICA and Akzo Nobel. Holding in Catena: 500 shares.

Sofie Bennsten, Chief Accountant, HR-manager
Helsingborg, born 1969, Economist.
Former administrative Director of Brinova AB2004-2012. Former Accounting Manager of Brinova AB 2000-2004.
Holding in Catena: None

Maths Maths Carreman, Regional Manager Stockholm
Nyköping, born 1958. Structural Engineer. Former Head of Klövern Nyköping andConstruction Manager / Purchasing Manager/ Project Developer at Skanska.
Holding in Catena: 2 000 shares.

Peter Andersson, CFO
Deputy CEO

Ängelholm, born 1966, MSc. Former CFO at Brinova since 2003 and CFO of AB Skånehus. Holding in Catena: None.

Johan FranzénRegional Manager Göteborg
Göteborg, born 1978. Business studies in HHS in Gothenburg. Former Business Developer of Brinova AB and District Manager of Jungheinrich Svenska AB.
Holding in Catena: None

Göran Jönsson, Regional Manager Öresund
Landskrona, born 1961. Building Engineer. Formerly Head of Business AreaResidential/Comercial in Brinova Fastigheter AB in May 2004 and CEO in Maintech South.
Holding in Catena: None.





Christian Berglund, Regional Manager Malmö and Jönköping
Malmö, born 1970.
Property Manager at Tribona AB and Regonal manager of Dalkia AB.
Holding in Catena: None