Catena's efforts to reduce spread of infection

Catena always puts the health of employees and tenants first. In view of the risk of spreading the coronavirus, we follow the authorities' advice and recommendations and act in accordance with them. In addition, we have ensured:

  • That all Catena employees receive recurring information to remind them of hygiene instructions and other measures to avoid the spread of infection
  • That a large part of our employees work from home, we have chosen to work according to the shift schedule to be able to keep distance while we ensure staffing in our offices
  • To avoid physical meetings and travel, there is a need to meet physically, possible alternatives are always evaluated - do not hesitate to contact us to discuss a suitable solution
  • Clear guidelines for our employees to stay home at the slightest symptom of the disease and test immediately to rule out ongoing coronary infection
  • Clear guidelines for our employees to stay at home if people in the same household have an ongoing corona infection

Our readiness to continue to deliver our services and management to ensure a good level of service for our tenants is good. However, as the situation looks now, we choose to avoid all visits that are not necessary and we encourage digital meetings. In the event of an infection in any of our tenants, Catena supports all measures to reduce the spread of infection.

We follow developments closely and update our guidelines regularly - together we can help to reduce the spread of infection!

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