The fast track to smarter logistics

Through partnerships, we at Catena are sustainably developing efficient logistics facilities serving Scandinavia’s metropolitan regions. We offer Sweden’s best network of modern and strategically located properties offering optimal conditions for smarter warehousing and product flows. Through proactive efforts and continuous monitoring of trends in the logistics market, we are able to ensure that our customers are equipped for the logistics of the future.

Active trend monitoring and external environmental analysis give us great insight into new retail and consumption patterns. On this basis, one can understand our
early interest in the establishment of distribution centres and facilities for city logistics and e-commerce. E-commerce grew by 16 percent in 2017, thereby accounting for almost all retail growth in 2017. We meet the industry’s needs through establishing facilities that we have located and designed to accommodate this development and, for example, support efficient handling of goods through warehouse automation.

By analysing cargo flows to, through and from Scandinavia, we have been able to identify strategic logistics locations early on. Today, we offer modern logistics facilities in Sweden’s most important logistics locations. This includes Stockholm and Gothenburg with its surroundings, as well as Malmö and the Öresund region, which are becoming increasingly more attractive. The fixed connection between Denmark and Germany, expected to reach completion at the end of 2020s, has great potential, and an enormous market in northern Germany will then be reached from Malmö/Helsingborg in just a few hours.

Overall, Catena’s committed employees and I can only look forward to a new and exciting year.

Helsingborg, march 2018

Benny Thögersen, CEO