Sustainable properties

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The key environmental aspects for Catena’s internal environmental efforts are the properties’ energy consumption and its consequential environmental impact. Catena has identified five areas where operations have a significant environmental impact: electricity consumption, heat usage, choice of building materials in new construction and remodelling, waste management and reduced transport through efficient logistics locations. Overriding environmental targets and business goals exist for these aspects that are monitored and evaluated on an annual basis. Read more about our sustainable approach in our Sustainability Report

Catena has internal managers at regional level and engages external contractors for the practical work on site. Catena’s managers and the external contractors conduct regular meetings with our tenants to discuss items including development projects and environmental initiatives.

Certified buildings

A tool for placing focus on and enhancing the environmental performance of buildings is to work with environmental certifications for buildings. All new constructions and conversions that take place in Catena's portfolio shall be environmentally certified.

The ambition is for all of Catena’s future construction projects to be certified in accordance with Miljöbyggnad Silver.

Our sustainability targets related to this focus area

  • At least 50 percent of all space at the Group’s facilities shall be certified, as a minimum, at the Miljöbyggnad Silver level or equivalent as of 2025
  • All buildings should, if possible, include a photovoltaic facility adapted to the conditions of the property and the tenant
  • Fossil-free energy by 2030
  • Reduce energy consumption for normal-year adjusted heating by 15 percent in kWh/m2 and for electricity by 10 percent in kWh/m2 by 2025 compared with 2017

Global Compact and Agenda 2030
Catena's focus area Sustainable properties mainly relates to 2 of the global sustainability goals:


Target 7.2 - Increase the share of renewable energy in the world
Target 7.3 - Double the increase in energy efficiency

Target 9.4
- Upgrade all industries and infrastructure for increased sustainability






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