Early positioning behind continued profitable growth
"Catena continued to show improved profitabilitu and continued growth in the first quarter. This success can be attributed to Catena´s ability to quickly identify customer needs as logistics becomes an increasingly important part of efficient retailing, due to new trends in consumtion and purhasing patterns".


Good conditions for continues growth
When reviewing 2017, I can see that Catena has established itself at a new, higher level. In just two years, we have gone from 0,8 to 1,7 million square metres of logistics area and from SEK 512 million to SEK 1, 110 in rental value.



"As I summarise the modern Catena’s second full year of
operation, I derive a certain satisfaction from what we
have achieved so far. Thanks to active customer care and
consistent market processing, we reported clear growth
in both rental income and operating profit for the year."

Gustaf Hermelin


We have reason to be satisfied with the company’s development during our second year of operation as a logistics property company. At the end of 2014, the letting ratio was 96 per cent, compared with 87 percent at the start of the year.


The merger of Catena and Brinova logistik AB laid the foundation for Sweden´s foremost property company in the area of logistics.


This year´s business activities focused on securing approval from the City of Solna for the zoning plan and the development agreement. We achieved these objectives just before year- end when the zoning plan was adopted and the agreement was approved.