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Catena withdraws its Offer for shares in Klockarbäcken

9 November 2017, 5:30 p.m. 

On 2 October 2017, Catena AB (publ) (Catena) announced an offer to the shareholders of Klockarbäcken Property Investment AB (publ) (Klockarbäcken) to acquire all shares issued by Klockarbäcken (the “Offer”). Through a press release issued on 18 October 2017, Catena extended the acceptance period for the Offer. 

Catena has now decided to withdraw its offer to acquire all shares in Klockarbäcken. The reason is that not all of the conditions set by Catena for the completion of the Offer had been met at the end of the extended acceptance period. 

For further information, please contact

Benny Thögersen, CEO, Tel. +46 706-60 83 50, 

Peter Andersson, Deputy CEO and CFO, Tel. +46 730-70 22 44, 

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Peter Andersson
Deputy CEO, CFO  
+46(0) 42-449 22 44
Benny Thögersen
+46(0)70-660 83 50