Catena's efforts to reduce spread of infection

Due to the corona virus, we want to make it clear that there is readiness within Catena to continue to deliver our services and management to ensure a good level of service for our tenants. We follow authorities' advice and recommendations and act in accordance with them, in addition we have:

- informed all Catena's employees about hygiene instructions and other measures to prevent spread of infection, including the importance of being home in case of any symptoms
- increased opportunities to work from home
- introduced quarantine requirements for employees who have been abroad

In the event of infection of any of our tenants, Catena supports implementation of measures in accordance with the recommendations of the authorities. We urge anyone who has booked a meeting with Catena's employees to cancel physical meetings in the event of illness symptoms or if beeing abroad for the past two weeks, please contact us in advance to evaluate alternative solutions.

We follow the development and continuously evaluate and update our guidelines.

Thanks for understanding.

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