Business model

Catena links Scandinavia’s cargo flows. Cargo flows to and from Scandinavia currently utilise maritime, air, rail and road transport, separately or combined, to collect and store cargo at selected logistics hubs.

At these locations, from which the metropolitan regions of Scandinavia can also easily be reached, Catena continues to develop modern and well-suited logistics facilities

Business concept
Catena shall sustainably and through partnerships develop efficient logistics facilities that serve the metropolitan regions of Scandinavia. In Sweden, with its substantial distances and considerable dependency on exports, transport efficiency constitutes an important factor in companies’ profitability. At the same time, the challenges faced in terms of climate change impose stricter new demands on reducing environmental impact. Catena offers premises solutions that provide benefits in terms of both costs and the environment, along superior green corridors adjacent to key transport routes and hubs.

Property development
Active property development generates value while also being a prerequisite for successful management. Catena’s property development begins with an acquisition or an option to acquire well-located properties that can provide benefit in terms of cost and the environment.

Through extensive studies and analyses, Catena has a good understanding of where in Scandinavia goods from different parts of the world arrive and how they are redistributed. This knowledge forms the basis for Catena’s investments in land and development properties.